...Your Family Connection will utilize our experience as both a family history researcher and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Registrar to establish provable lineage and complete the application papers for your Revolutionary War ancestor.

...As a former DAR Registrar we are familiar with the latest requirements for application for membership using both the short and long forms. Careful preparation of proofs of relationship for each generation and service by the Revolutionary War ancestor are critical for acceptance of your application.

...Many who want to join the DAR are related to someone who has previously been a member and assume they can join using their relatives information. This MAY be true IF the application was made after about 1960.

...Previous to that date most of the applications do not have the accompanying proofs of relationship that are now required. Therefore, you will have to gather those proofs before you can join.

...For many who are unfamiliar with genealogical research this is a daunting task. We can help make it easier for you by conducting the research  and preparing the application papers and accompanying proofs for your signature. If you prefer to conduct the research yourself, we can consult with you throughout the process and help direct you in the research and application process.

...We strive to serve our clients in a timely manner. Clients receive a neat, documented research report summarizing the research, indicating what was found, or not found, and giving suggestions for further research. This report is accompanied by copies of all documents and research notes. We look forward to helping you with your genealogical inquiries.
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