...Your Family Connection can compile your Family Health History utilizing our medical background and genealogical research experience. This is a fairly new aspect of genealogy for which few genealogists are qualified. Many people wonder why a health pedigree should be compiled and what it looks like.
...A Family Health History is constructed much like a pedigree chart except that, instead of personal historical information, it contains medical information that is represented using nationally recognized symbols. The type of information needed for and questions used to gather the data to construct a Family Health History are medically technical in nature. Once your Family Health History is completed, you can take it to your health care provider for evaluation and follow-up.
...A family can learn much about it's medical future by examining its past. Many of the key factors that will determine just how healthy we are throughout life, which illnesses we contract, even how long we will live, we inherit from our ancestors. Armed with the information contained in a Family Health History we may be able to prevent or minimize illnesses that doomed our forbearers.

...Many diseases and disorders have long been known to "run in families" but only recently has research shown us just how many diseases have a genetic or familial basis and provided us with the knowledge necessary to prevent and treat such illnesses. Genetic factors underlie all aspects of health and disease. Scientists have already identified over 2,000 genetic diseases and the list keeps growing with new medical discoveries. Many other conditions, though not inherited, do tend to occur more frequently in some families than in others. The discussion of family traits is common when kinfolk gather, but the information is rarely compiled into a permanent record.

...By researching your Family Health History you can provide your family with a medical genealogy containing important information about the health of the relatives who preceded them. Passed along to future generations, the tree can be used to prevent and reduce illness, becoming a testament to your concern for the well-being of those members not yet born.

...The information gathered in a Family Health History can steer you to good preventive health care, such as regular doctor check-ups, simple changes in eating habits and exercise. Certain family health patterns can alert you and your doctor to the fact that you need to be watching for early warning signs of a certain illness with regular monitoring tests. Early diagnosis and treatment can either cure or control many illnesses once thought to be incurable. Those with serious genetic illnesses in their backgrounds will find full information helpful in making life choices (whether to have children, get married, etc.) Consider that family medical information gathered now can help generations yet to come take advantage of future medical discoveries.

...The best health data can be collected using the "whole family approach." It is important to include collateral relatives because they share many of the same genes and may show the effects of those genes sooner than one's immediate ancestors. Conditions among relatives that seem random or unrelated may form a pattern or syndrome when gathered together. In this context, the whole family means relatives related by blood, rather than marriage.
...Norma Storrs Keating is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University School of Nursing. She currently is licensed to practice nursing in New Jersey and California. Norma continues to expand and update her knowledge by regularly taking continuing education classes in nursing and related medical fields and subscribing to several medical/nursing publications.

We strive to serve our clients in a timely manner. Clients receive a neat, documented research report summarizing the research, indicating what was found, or not found, and giving suggestions for further research. This report is accompanied by copies of all documents and research notes. We look forward to helping you with your genealogical inquiries.
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