...Welcome to Your Family Connection's Danish information page. You will find a description of our research services and of our book entitled "Beginning Danish Research", written for those who prefer to try Danish research for themselves. We have also provided a listing of important addresses for anyone interested in Danish research or travel. Queries regarding Danish Ancestors can be posted on the Federation of East European Family History Societies page through Your Family Connection. Click here for more details.

   ...With fifteen years experience in Danish records searching, including on-site research in Danish archives, churches, cemeteries and libraries, we are well acquainted with the patronymic naming patterns, language, Gothic handwriting, records and resources needed to construct your Danish Family History. Basic information needed to begin research includes a name, date of an event (birth, marriage, death) and the place in Denmark where the event occurred.

 ...We also provide a consultation service to evaluate previous or on-going Danish research and make suggestions for future work.

We strive to serve our clients in a timely manner. Clients receive a neat, documented research report summarizing the research, indicating what was found, or not found, and giving suggestions for further research. This report is accompanied by copies of all documents and research notes. We look forward to helping you with your genealogical inquiries.

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...Foreign research can be intimidating. Our book, Beginning Danish Research, can get you started and teach you how to successfully find your way through the United States and Danish records. The book was written because there was no one source that gave a comprehensive overview of Danish records and how to use them.
Beginning Danish Research
Nancy Ellen Carlberg and Norma S. Keating
(Anaheim, CA: Carlberg Press, 1992). Soft cover, spiral bound, 276 pages.
 ...Written to fill the need for a comprehensive how-to resource for Danish research, this book contains a through coverage of Danish records for both beginners and more experienced researchers. The reader is taken step-by-step, using a sample family, and shown what can be done using sources in the United States and sources available only in Denmark. The authors give you clear, concise explainations of the records and how to gain access to them.

 ...Topics addressed in the book include home sources, contacting relatives, using U.S. resources, using Danish records available in the United States, using records available only in Denmark and traveling to Denmark. The large appendix contains extensive Danish wordlists, name lists, a variety of genealogy charts and organizational helps, important addresses and hints for reading Gothic print. The book has a bibliography and is fully indexed.

For United States residents: $20.00 plus $3.50 postage
Send check: Your Family Connection
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Outside United States: $20.00 plus $??? postage
Contact: Heritage Quest
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Bountiful, Utah 84011-0329 USA
E-mail: sales@agll.com
Order book # E1175- Beginning Danish Research

...Norma Storrs Keating is the co-ordinator for the Denmark Research List, DKRL, at the Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) website. The DKRL is especially for those Danish ancestors who came from southern Denmark in the area commonly know as Schlesvig-Holstein. Other queries my be posted, however.
...If you wish to post a query, you may send it to Norma either by e-mail: norma@yourfamilyconnection.com or by snail mail: 4653 Avenida Rio Del Oro, Yorba Linda, CA USA 92886-3013.

Please observe the following suggestions for effective DKRL messages:
1. Capitalize all surnames: eg SORENSEN, Niels
2. State your problem succinctly. What are you looking for?
3. Do not abbreviate. We have space to spell it out.
4. Remember this message is read world wide - make it easy for others to understand.
5. Avoid cryptic messages - use words and sentences that clarify.
6. Include all relevant data, such as surnames and important dates of your search.
7. List all places that are important to your search if you know them.
8. Include all surnames you are searching or have information on or that you want to share with others.
9. Avoid forms and tables. Use text to say it. More browsers can read it this way.
10. Remember, all unique words of your message will be indexed by the FEEFHS search engine.
11. Provide a postal mailing address if you do not have an e-mail address.
12. Please advise Norma when your e-mail or postal address changes.
13. Review your message periodically. Revise, extend or refine it as needed.
14. Encourage others to post a query on the DKRL or other FEEFHS research list.


The Family History Library
35 North West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

The Danish Tourist Bureau
655 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10017
212/ 949-2333

Royal Danish Embassy
Washington, D.C.

Danish Immigrant Archives
Grand View College
1351 Grand View Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50316

Danish Immigrant Museum
2212 Washington Street
P.O. Box 178
Elk Horn, Iowa 51531
712/ 764-7001
Fax: 712/ 764-7002
e-mail: dkmus@netins.net

Danish American Historical Archives
Dana College Library
Blair, Nebraska 68008

Elk Horn Public Library
Main Street
Elk Horn, Iowa 51531

Trinity Evangelical Divinity Library
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Wartburg Theological Seminary
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Seattle Genealogical Society
P.O.Box 549
Seattle, Washington 98111

Danish Brotherhood in America
P.O. Box 31728
3717 Harney Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68171

Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood in America
3438 N. Opal Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60634                                          e-mail:  jacque@impulse.net

Federal Archives and Records Center
1557 St. Joseph Avenue
East Point, Georgia 30344

Royal Danish Consulate General    875 North Michigan Ave Suite 3430 Chicago, IL 60611

Danish American Genealogical Group

Extensive Danish Web Site


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The Danish Tourist Bureau
H.C. Anderson Boulevard 22
DK-1553 Copenhagen V

Rigsarkivet (The National Archives)
Rigsdagsgaarden 9
1218 Copenhagen K
e-mail: mailbox@sa.dk

Landsarkivet for Sjaelland M.M.
(The Provincial Archives for Sjaelland, etc)
Jagtvej 10
22 Copenhagen N
(covers the counties of Copenhagen, Frederiksborg, Praestø, Sorø, Holbaek,
Maribo and Bornholm)

Landsarkivet for Fyn
(The Provincial Archives for Funen)
Jernbanegade 36
5000 Odense
(covers the counties of Odense and Svendborn)

Landsarkivet for Nørrejylland
(The Provincial Archives for North Jutland)
Lille Sct. Hansgade 5
8800 Viborg
(covers the counties of Hjørring, Aalborg, Thisted, Viborg, Randers, Aarhus,
Skanderborg, Vejle, Ringkøbing and Ribe)

Landsarkivet for Sønderjydske Landsdele
(The Provincial Archives for South Jutland)
Haderslevvej 45
6200 Aabenraa
(covers the counties of Aabenraa-Sønderborg, Haderslev and Tønder)

Samfundet for Dansk Genealogi og Personalhistorie
(The Society of Danish Genealogy and Personal History)
Steenshoj 12
8800 Viborg

Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv i Aalborg

(The Research Center of Danish Emigration History)
Ved Vor Frue Kirke
P.O. Box 1731
9100 Aalborg

Det Knogelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library)
Christians Brygge
1219 Copenhagen K

Statsbiblioteket (The National Library)
8000 Aarhus C

Erhverusarkivet (The Danish National Business Archives)
Vesterall, 12
DK-800 Aarhus C

Dansk Data Arkiv
Islandsgade 10
DK-5000 Odense C

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